Russ Goozee

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Russ Goozee began his career in the world of music. This small town boy played bass/piano and travelled across Canada for 10 years with a few bands and achieved a record deal and a hit song ranking #23 on the charts. In 1990 he moved to Toronto and started working at Partners as a production assistant, and then moved into the camera department and quickly realized his love for cinematography. An up and coming Producer saw the talent in Russ and gave him a shot at DPing his first feature called The Donor. This was the beginning of his career and passion for playing with light. While Russ was busy lighting action movies such as Robocop and Universal Soldier, he got a call for a James Cameron show called Lost Tomb of Jesus, which took him on many trips to Israel and landing him a CSC award. Hooked on documentaries he spent 10 years travelling through the Middle East and Europe was well as the U.S. Russ came back to Toronto, jumped back into TV and features with over 60 credits and has worked with eOne, Hallmark, Family Channel, Lifetime, Discovery, Syfy Sony, Showtime, ABC Family and New Horizons.
Russ still has a passion for music and composes new music in his studio and has completed writing 2 scripts, but Cinematography will always be his true calling.
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