Serge Desrosiers

Co-founder of Vital Productions, CEO and Executive Producer, Serge Desrosiers csc is a reference when it comes to the subject of the evolution of technologies in the film industry in which he has been working for 25 years.

His commitment as director of photography for many feature films such as Station Nord in 2001 (first feature film shot in HD), Camping sauvage with Guy A. Lepage (2004) and Ville- Marie with Monica Bellucci (2015) allowed him to develop his skills that are now used as a producer. Let’s also note that Serge Desrosiers shot the first TV series in Quebec filmed in digital; DIVA (1998 to 2000), the first series in HD Shoot and Score New Generation (2001 and 2006), as well as the short film Le Gant (2004) by Kim Nguyen which marks the beginning of 4K. He has also signed the image of several landmark productions: The Covenant, Taxi 22, En audition avec Simon, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous (the movie), Marécages, Mémoires Vives, etc.

Renowned cinematographer Serge Desrosiers has won Gemini Award and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for the quality of his work. He is currently nominated for the 2018 ASC Awards.

Serge has always been a reference to the evolution of new technologies. drones, gimbal, crane, and other new technological “toys” have no secrets for him.

In 2010, after founding Vital Productions (2009), he invested time at the University of Montreal HEC in the television and film management program in order to perfect his skills in the field. It was in this same year that he began his career as a producer with documentaries such as The Making of La Petite Seduction and later Lise Watier, une vie à entreprendre (2015, SRC and RDI). Following this documentary on the Quebec businesswoman, he produces an eponymous digital and interactive biographical book: Lise Watier, une vie à entreprendre (2015) of more than 200 pages and 40 videos, which makes Serge Desrosiers an innovative producer for this type of product. And he delivers in June 2017 when he plunges into augmented reality with the production of Muralis – La Grande Expérience des murales for the city of Sherbrooke.

In addition to his career as a producer and director of photography, Serge Desrosiers exercises his talent as a speaker in Los Angeles and Paris, at the American Film Market Association and Ciné-Québec.

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