Robert Mattigetz

I studied Electrotechnology in College and started out my career in the business world. Photography had always been a passion of mine and when I was given the opportunity to work as a set electrician in the 80’s, I put away my suit and tie and jumped at the opportunity. In a few years I became a Gaffer and worked on films, television shows, commercials. Not only did I hone my lighting skills which became second nature but also learned how to best use film cameras and lenses thanks to many generous DP’s that I had worked with along the way. While gaffing a television show in 1998 I was given the opportunity to DP a few episodes in one season and then offered the job for the entire next season. I haven’t looked back. Since then I have shot commercials, music videos, television series and films and have lent a hand to work 2nd unit on a number of major American studio productions. My passion has evolved from just making beautiful images to telling a story through visual imagery.

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