Matt Bendo

Matt Bendo is an award-winning Cinematographer based out of Toronto, who has been nominated 7 times for a Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award. He’s a three time winner for “Lamborghini – Storm” in 2017, “Kombat Arts – Legacy” in 2018, and “A Dog Cried Wolf” in 2020.

His maverick approach to lighting creates an upending visual style that has set him apart from his peers and has drawn the attention of sites like Cinema5D where Bendo has discussed his innovative cinematography techniques.

Passionate about world building, he strives to create powerful work that delivers chills. His experience as a Producer, Director, Editor, and Visual Effects Artist, enhance his abilities as a Cinematographer.

He is accomplished in a variety of cinematic styles, having shot narrative, music videos, and commercials, some of which have amassed millions of views. His commercial work includes brands such as Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, Honda, and Microsoft.

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