Claudine Sauvé

CLAUDINE SAUVÉ dives into the deep darkness of her subjects, with a vision that feeds on hope and light. Moving naturally between cinema and still photography, between film and digital, she has been telling intimate stories through her images for twenty years.

She has photographed a wide range of projects, including 14 narrative feature films such as Stealing Alice1:54The Wild HuntThe Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom. She has also shot the outstanding drama series 19-2 (2013 and 2011 Gemeaux Awards for Best Direction of Photography) and The Disappearance. Her work extends to music videos, commercials, documentaries shot all over the world and more than 40 short films, including Henry (2013 Oscar nominated). She has been nominated for her cinematography over ten times.

As a photographer, Claudine has won several prizes in Quebec for her personal work. She also published a critically-acclaimed book of images entitled Barbershops with Black Dog Publishing UK. She has exhibited her photographs in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Paris. 

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