Paul Mitchnick

Story telling with pictures has always been an important part of my life. Good stories and imagination drive me. Ideas intrigue me. Small budgets don’t scare me. My work is always tasteful and beautiful. I started shooting documentaries. Lots of travel and figuring it out in the moment. The early part of my dramatic career was spent working as an Operator and 2nd Unit DP on major TV series and features for distinguished filmmakers like Sean Penn, John Woo, Lawrence Kasdan and John Favreau. I had the pleasure of working for Oscar winning Directors of Photography such as Chris Menges, Peter Pau, John Seale and many other gifted teachers. More recently I have been working as a Director of Photography on independent features and movies for television. ‘THE SHOW’ for director Giancarlo Esposito was nominated for a Leo for Best Cinematography for a feature film. ‘Menendez: Blood Brothers’, an MOW for A&E , was widely praised for its bold cinematography. There have also been projects in the Middle East, India, Africa, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean. My still photographs are represented by Art Works Gallery and are in collections in many parts of the world.

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