Jonathon Cliff

Jonathon Cliff – or Jonny, as he’s affectionately known – came to cinematography from a background in high-profile stills photography. He is a multi-award winning DP, who brings a versatility to the table that’s hard to match. Jonathon’s TV credits include Season 1 of the EOne/POP series LET’S GET PHYSICAL and Season 1 and 2 of the Warner Horizon/TBS series PEOPLE OF EARTH, which garnered him a Canadian Society of Cinematographers nomination for Best Cinematography in the TV series category.

He has shot everything from an innovative Iraq war story (REDACTED with Director Brian De Palma), to dark romantic comedies (LOVESICK, starring Jay Baruchel and Jessica Paré), to award winning documentaries (Alan Zweig’s HURT, for which Jonathon was the primary DP).

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