David Makin

David started shooting films as a teenager alongside his brother and is now a busy CAN/US DP having resided on both sides of the border. While attending film school in both Toronto (Ryerson) and Los Angeles (AFI) he was twice awarded the CSC Student Cinematography award (1982, 1986). Makin began with shooting commercials then moved over to the celebrated comedy series THE KIDS IN THE HALL, followed by short films for SNL and MAD TV. Feature film and TV series soon followed including BRAIN CANDY, DROP DEAD DIVA, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, REIGN, TAKEN and the final season of SCHITT’S CREEK. Nominations for his work include Best Cinematography (DVDX Award) for THE SKULLS III (2005), Best Photography in a Comedy Program or Series (Canadian Screen Award) for SEED (2014), twice by the CSC for his work on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST for Best Cinematography in TV Series (2015 & 2017) as well CRAWFORD for Best Comedy Series (2018).

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